The La Bella Baskets Opportunity

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Give & Grow

When you partner with La Bella Baskets, there's no limit to your financial and personal success! Your potential is driven by your goals and determination.

Watch "The La Bella Baskets Opportunity" video above to learn how you can earn an income by sharing La Bella Baskets with others.

How Do I Make Money with La Bella Baskets?

There are several types of income you can earn with La Bella Baskets. They include commissions, residual income, and leadership bonuses.

Below are several methods of earning these incomes. All earnings are paid twice a month.

Earn Commission on Your Direct Sales

Earn commission from gift baskets, Candle of the Month Memberships, LBB Savers Club Memberships, new orders and repeat customers. Commissions range from 20%-40%.

Membership Residual Income

Earn Residual Income Three Ways!

  1. Earn residual income from your personal Consultant Memberships (earn 30% residual) 

    Earn double commission the first month and then receive 30% a month thereafter.

  2. Earn residual income from our Candle of the Month Memberships (earn 30% residual)
  3. Earn residual income from our LBB Savers Club Memberships (earn 30% residual)

Sales Commission Overrides (4 Generations)

Earn commission overrides on sales generated by your personally sponsored consultants up to 4 levels. As your team members increase their orders and build stronger and more successful teams, your overrides increase.

Leadership Bonus

Help your consultants grow their businesses and you are rewarded for helping more people sell products, sponsor and train consultants. There are no limits on how many bonuses you can earn. Please see the La Bella Baskets Compensation Plan for further details.

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Becoming a Consultant is more than just a career decision: it's the decision to live the life you've always wanted. And it's easier than you think!

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Read about Our Consultants

  • Susan Silok
    Executive Diamond Director
    This has been quite a journey! I joined La Bella Baskets on November 1st ,2010 and by January 26th,2011- 87 days later I made it to Diamond Gift Director. On March 5,2013 I made Executive Diamond Gift Director!
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  • tomato sandwich

    Jennifer Lewis
    Executive Diamond Gift Director
    I am thrilled to have made it to Gold Director. It has been so fun to see La Bella Baskets grow over the past year and to have been a part of it. I love seeing my business picking up and only wish
    learn more

  • Angela Sambrook
    Executive Diamond Gift Director
    I'd like to thank Janis and Mia for giving me the opportunity to blossom with La Bella Baskets. They've created a very special business, which provides all the tools necessary for anyone to succeed with
    learn more

  • tomato sandwich

    Mary Strauss
    Diamond Gift Director I have to say thank you to my team, way to go! You are all awesome! Mia and Janis again, thank you so much for this great opportunity! I had no idea that I would have such great success with this business. I am working it everyday and just love it.
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